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Welcome to the online Military Art and Aviation Art Gallery and Shop for Military and Aviation Sculptor Peter Close.

Peter Close has been working as a sculptor for many years in his studio in Somerset.

During his career Peter has created sculptures for Greenpeace and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and has had work exhibited at the prestigious Royal West of England Academy Exhibition. Initially working on animal pieces Peter's personal love of aviation and military history led him to the creation of a series of bronze portrait busts of famous and inspirational military figures and aviation personalities. Entitled "The Military Bronze Sculpture Collection" subjects include Sir Winston Churchill, Adolf "Dolfo" Galland, Sir Douglas Bader and Guy Gibson. After the success of these portrait busts Peter then created his equally fine series of limited edition bronze aviation art figures depicting airmen and aircrew from the Second World War. All of these sculptures are hand cast in the finest cold cast bronze and are available to purchase in our online Military and Aviation art gallery

Sculptor and military aviation  artist Peter Close  "When making a portrait I think it is very important to capture the essence of their personality as well as a good physical likeness"

"When I was creating Churchill I listened to a box set of his wartime speeches, played in the background as I worked These contain some of the greatest pieces of oratory ever used and gave me a deep insight into not only his utter determination not to surrender to the Nazis, and a great sadness at leading the country into another war so soon after the bloodbath of World War I, but also to the brilliant use of humour. I have a cast of Churchill in front of me now and by turning it to reflect the light in different ways you can see these different emotions displayed"

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